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What is SELF - CARE CLUB  all about?

Do you ever just need accountability to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN to your own Self -Care process? We are here for you . Soaring Dragonfly Institute is taking back the BREATHE by providing a top notch challenge every week that fits your schedule. Today is our Founding Member Launch day! Check us out. If you have ever considered one of our workshops or if you are curious about what we do at Soaring Dragonfly Institute, or are interested in joining our Self - Care Club please register right here on our landing page (HOME).                                                       

                                                      The Self - Care Club

                                                                      is only

                                                                   $27 month

                                                               or seasonal

                                                      3-month pass for just $67.

Give the link to our web page to anyone you think might want to get in on our Launch Pkgs....tell them to click on More and follow the tab to Self - Care Club.  The first 12 members to register and use our paypal link will be mailed a free Burts Bee's Kissable Color Lip Shimmer loaded with soothing peppermint essential oil and a brilliant kissable color (Peony, Fig, or Rhubarb). We will be offering Q & A facebook lives for how to connect to your inner child along with ideas for every variety of self - care from deep breathing hip openers with ethereal yoga instructors to essential oil tricks and tips for de-stressing in the bath. We are here for you, to support your journey to exceptional mental health. Always remember that our workshops are where the real brain work is done, come by and see us by searching through all of our tabs on this site starting with HOME.  If you want to check out the possibilities we provide for the 'neuroscience checkup' that all of our bodies need. With Self - Care Club membership you have an automatic 20% off for Mommy Dearest Jam Session and/or Trauma Safari - Online and Live. Membership also has the added benefit of providing a  live group therapy link each Thursday so you can get to know our therapists and gain support in personal wellness or parenting support. There's nothing better than knowing you have a place to land, ask questions and be reminded of how to breathe and where to find that Peace of loving yourself everyday.

Register Now on the HOME page and then join our exclusive member facebook group Self - Care Club.

 Sincerely, Camella McBrayer Founder/CEO Soaring Dragonfly Institute

We are on Facebook at Soaring Dragonfly Institute TM

Comment on our Facebook page with any questions about our services or Self - Care Club!

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