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Overlooking the Mist

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The 'inner child' knows just what is needed. Take the time to invest in someones future by giving the gift of connecting healthfully to the past. The non-profit we work with wants to make sure people's needs are provided for to receive our excellent care and effective programs

HEALING STEP is a Colorado based and approved non-profit that cares about Wellness. Donate now and 100% of your donation will go toward making SDI scholarship available to clients who cannot afford the professional services we provide. It really makes a difference, and SDI has gift certificates available below if you want to digitally or snail mail a certificate directly.








   (non-profit org)

Teaming up to help others


manifested practically as an educational service.


Find Your True North

Ask for a match funds from a friend or relative

No one knows more than you if you are ready to take a HEALING STEP.

Are you ready to Soar?

Often by finding a friend or relative to support your efforts to heal from past trauma (and we all have lived through something traumatic) it supports us to ask. Ask them to check out our site and donate in your name. The funds they specify for you will go to any of our workshops you choose. Ask for help now and live the future you want tomorrow!

Stone Tower

Gift Certificates Available

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We provide online gift certificates. Click on the Buy Now  button below to choose a GIFT CERTIFICATE for a friend or loved one. You choose below and we email you a digital copy for print as well as send one directly to your gift recipient by email or mail with a link to our web page. Just let us know, this gives the recipient the option to choose a workshop date and time  that suits their needs.

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