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Who Can It Help?

Trauma Survivors

We have all faced 'trauma' at one level or another in our lives. Some have been devastated and others have been impacted.


Wellness Care Training

Tired of going to the same old training seminars, taking notes and falling asleep at your desk? Ask your employer to invest in YOU, your wellness care will benefit your employer in the short term and on the long haul. If you are taking care of your own mental wellness needs you become a formidable asset to your employer. You will strengthen your team building skills and practice excellent communication technique with others. Let this be the training that improves productivity in the workplace.

Rolling a Cigarette

Substance Recovery

Alcohol, drugs or just plain sugar

We understand that chemicals are a distraction. What people are not readily aware of is any substance abuse, no matter how small has a root cause. This workshop will help you get in touch with yourself and discover where the hang up is. Navigating that space in our gentle classroom setting will inspire true change while thoroughly supporting the process of how.

Family Dispute

People who have been abused

Behavioral Health

Understanding your patterns, as well as being able to recall where they might have come from is essential to any plan for wellness. We always have a Licensed Professional Counselor in our workshop setting so that you can safely navigate your past.

Mountains Meet Lake

Those who want to discover inner healing

Anyone who has tried other therapy and is brave enough to try again

Even if you have never thought of therapy as an option for you, our workshops are inclined toward inner healing. Its a mental check-up. If you are used to an anual Dr. visit then think of Trauma Safari as a way to discover other options and growth in general. Come and try it out and see what you discover about yourself.

Brainstorm to Success

High School Seniors or Blocked Artists

Navigational Checkpoint

Not sure what college to go to? Been offered two internships in two different states? Whether you are at a crossroads or just want to take time to recalibrate, our Trauma Safari Workshop will get you on track to your heart, soul and internal creativity. We have even had blocked artists join our workshop and come away with the creative flow their income depends on.


Grief Recovery Support

Bereavement Counseling work and grief therapy for those who have suffered any loss

Psychology Today states that "People's responses to grief will vary depending upon the circumstances of the death, but grief is a normal, healthy response to loss. Feelings of bereavement can also accompany other losses, such as the decline of one's health or the health of a close other, or the end of an important relationship."(

At Soaring Dragonfly Institute we realize that loss of any kind can require management, connection and holding space for all of those very important feelings. We provide a safe place to engage in and practice loss manaagement so that the new feelings can move in. While this work can be challenging we guide you along the way to nurture yourself fully and experience your humanity and your greatest potential toward resilience.


Struggle with Boundaries?

We specialize in practicing boundaries. How to respect them and how to expect them.

Often anger management needs can stem from not knowing how to say no, or not feeling free to self - care. Our program embeds these practices in the brain so that you will soon discover that you have the super power -boundary- at your fingertips. We also offer a free facebook live closed group that gives you the chance to practice a TEN DAY CHALLENGE in Boundaries. Check it out, its called Boundaries for TEN

No matter what your reason for joining our workshop you will walk away with an enlightened focus on your needs as a human being, your awareness of how you fit in the world, and the practice necessary to continue to have that conversation everyday. 

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