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Rain Boots

Trauma Safari & Why it works

How is this different than other forms of therapy I've tried?

Most therapy sessions or behavioral rehabilitation programs help in the moment but are not as effective long-term when a client returns to normal life. Soaring Dragonfly Institute has a unique approach to therapy that infuses the practical and applicable elements of therapy and integrates them into normal life. It is baked in. This therapy doesn't require an invested interest either (though it can be helpful), our program respects where you are (survival mechanisms are a protection) and through the art of inspiration you will find yourself curious about your own awareness and willing to consider healthy options.


Hop on the bus....... and ride to school when you were five years old.

       Yup Kindergarten, imagine Kindergarten and all the sights sounds and smells.

The finger paints, the blocks you got it you remember.

Except now imagine a scientific curriculum that was designed with neuroscience in mind and works to provide medicinal properties to every aspect of your own practical life.

The boundaries in a Montessori classroom incite you to inspiration

and also encourage you to allow hidden emotions to surface.

Yes it might rain emotionally for you in this theatre for adults Kindergarten classroom.

Your brain will thank you, your inner child will hug you and you will walk away having practiced authenticity, saying how you feel through each experience while embedding that experience with movement.

Come join us........... Class is ready to begin and your Montessori Guide is so nurturing and kind and she is going to teach you how warm and welcome any situation ought to be for your inner child that still occasionally screams for a VOICE.

What does he or she need or want, well take a ride with us on the Trauma Safari to find out.

All Aboard!

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