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Soaring Dragonfly


"Sometimes it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key" Eagles - Already Gone

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 COVID - 19 is here 


so are we! 

   Mommy Dearest Jam


   Trauma Safari 


- offering online live video workshops as well as in-person workshops-

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    We have been Virtual since April but in October we have added in-person workshops with social distance measures, state of the art Hepa Filtered Workshop rooms as well as mandatory masks, please join now. Check out our Mommy Dearest Jam Session to sign up for October 16 for our two hour Couples Retreat!

History Repeats Itself, But You Don’t Have To

If you find yourself repeating unhealthy habits or falling into the same thinking patterns, chances are you might want to re-wire the amygdala in your brain. The  brain responds to a trigger causing us to behave or think a certain pre-programmed way. The good news is you can reset this faulty wiring in your brain and create new behaviors.

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What do our clients say?

"I felt totally at ease in this fun workshop! Revelations unfolded that totally made sense. I felt lifted up and empowered!” - Anonymous Client

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Trauma Safari

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      Mommy Dearest Jam Session

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try out the Mother-IN-law UNIT version of Mommy Dearest Jam Session

 Friday October 16, Noon    

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Identify long held patterns and difficult scenarios
Learn exercises that support brain health using neuroscience
Redo old scenarios with new behaviors and ways of thinking
Use the tools daily to find ultimate mental health and wellness


     Camella McBrayer M.A.            Professional Communication

               & Leadership

“Let’s make mental wellness as normal as

                    taking a shower.”  CM

Soaring Dragonfly Institute was founded by Camella for the purpose of helping create practical, long-term solutions for discovering authentic needs and inner healing. Her unique combination of passion for mental wellness and early childhood education combines with her master's in Professional Communication & Leadership to create an inspiring program that helps others heal themselves.


             Renee Sutton M.A.

             Counseling, L.P.C.


Renee's experience as a therapist supports our psychodrama activities. She is a chaplain with specialized training in mindfulness and pastoral care. She grew up in Tennessee, practiced for many years in Colorado and now calls the Low Country home.

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We host

      Mental Education          & 




We’re committed to supporting quality mental wellness experiences and journeys from Trauma Education to Employee Team Building. Our clients enjoy the effectiveness of a naturally infused exit plan. So when you join our workshops you walk away with more awareness which continues to change the brain. Neuroscience is our specialty. We integrate, cross the mid-line and take wellness seriously. Our clients continuously remark about how our workshop exceeded their expectations. We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer.

These materials are proprietary to Camella C. McBrayer and constitute (i) a work to which Ms. McBrayer has exclusive rights under the Copyright Laws of the United States and (ii) a trade secret protected against mis-appropriation or other improper use by the Uniform Trade Secrets Act and any similar law or otherwise considered a trade secret in any applicable jurisdiction.             

        I WAS GAZING FROM THE INSIDE OF A                     THICK PANED WINDOW GLASS,                        THOUGH IT SEEMED SO CLEAR,

                             IT WAS NOT.                                                                                                                                      -I WANT TO BE FREE-

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