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COVID - 19 Is here and so are we!

Our Mommy Dearest Jam Sessions are officially online. Pay through paypal click on More and see Paypal pay now Tab below. We will email you the live link!

See you in April

Mommy Dearest Jam Session-On-Line-LIVE: Video-conferencing Workshop.

We take wellness seriously and intend for mental wellness care to be as normal as taking a shower. Our clients continuously remark about the effectiveness of our workshops and how the exit strategy is infused from the beginning. We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer.

Employee Training got you stumped?

Ask your employer to send you to a wellness program.

Trauma Safari

What human hasn't been traumatized?

.....This three hour training workshop connects you to your inner child, helps resolve multiple conflict issues. The employee walks away refreshed, more aware, capable of higher productivity levels and greater communication skills. Plus they'll be bursting with excellent teamwork ideas!

Now that's worth every minute.

"Sometimes it happens that we live our lives in chains

and we never even know we have the key"  Eagles - Already Gone


A workshop giving you permission and freedom to navigate your space

History Repeats Itself, But You Don’t Have To

If you find yourself repeating unhealthy habits or falling into the same thinking patterns, chances are you might want to re-wire the amygdala in your brain. The  brain responds to a trigger causing us to behave or think a certain pre-programmed way. The good news is you can reset this faulty wiring in your brain and create new behaviors.


We Book to your schedule

or join one of our Workshops

Sunday April 19, 2020 1pm-4pm



Identify long held patterns and difficult scenarios
Learn exercises that support brain health using neuroscience
Redo old scenarios with new behaviors and ways of thinking
Use the tools daily to find ultimate mental health and wellness

What is a 3-hr workshop like?

Remember the poem 'Everything I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten'?

(by Robert Fulgum)

 IMAGINE going back to kindergarten, all the sights, smells, thoughts except this classroom nurtures you with a built in curriculum that is scientifically designed to help you access your brain and absorb the content.  This practice engages boundaries, safe-care, movement and authenticity that inspires. Come to our magical classroom where we have prepared the environment just for you. Adults can be three again in our authentic Montessori space. (Incidentally, Maria Montessori is the reason Kindergarten in America had so many hands on activities). Join us at circle-time to explore the uniquely designed curriculum method that instantly opens up a new world of healing, transformation and awareness. Brain map your way to more productivity.

“Let’s make mental wellness as normal as taking a shower.”             Camella McBrayer M.A.

Camella’s unique combination of passion for mental wellness and early childhood education combines with her master's in Professional Communication & Leadership to create an inspiring program that helps others heal themselves. Soaring Dragonfly Institute was founded by Camella for the purpose of helping create practical, long-term solutions for discovering authentic needs and inner healing. She currently lives in the tri-city area of SC and enjoys living on the water and attending the various local festivals.



Renee Sutton M.A. LPC

Renee is a licensed professional counselor and chaplain with specialized training in mindfulness, pastoral counseling, and experiential therapy. She grew up in Tennessee, practiced for many years in Colorado and now calls the Low Country home.


We host Educational Rehabilitative Workshops in the          tri-city area:          Savannah, Hilton Head & Charleston.

We’re committed to supporting quality mental wellness experiences and journeys from Employee Team Building to Trauma Education. Our clients enjoy the effectiveness of a naturally infused exit plan. So when you join our workshops you walk away with more awareness which continues to change the brain. Neuroscience is our specialty. We integrate, cross the mid-line and take wellness seriously. Our clients continuously remark about how our workshop exceeded their expectations. We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer.

                I WAS GAZING FROM THE INSIDE OF A THICK PANED WINDOW GLASS,                                                 THOUGH IT SEEMED SO CLEAR, IT WAS NOT.                                                                                                               -I WANT TO BE FREE-

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